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07.09.2014 - A TIME OF CHANGE

Dear friends, fans and followers:

We have some sad news to report. Unfortunately as of last June Paul van den Broek, who has been a part of Ex Libris since the very beginning, has decided to leave the band. We are very sorry to see him go, as we have been, and always will be, great friends! There´s no bad blood or hard feelings, it is simply a case of people going their separate ways.

We would like to thank our audiences in Bilston and London once more, as these last two shows were also Paul´s last gigs with us. They rank as two of our most amazing, incredible and inspiring concerts so far! It´s been one hell of a ride! Paul, we wish you the very best in life and in all the future musical endeavours that are bound to come with it. Bottoms up!

Well, as much as we wish it weren't so, there's more sad news to report. Ex Libris will also part ways with drummer Eelco van der Meer. Sometimes things just don't work out, as unfortunate as it may be. However, we would like to thank Eelco for a great time, a great album and some truly epic gigs. Take care, and we'll see you around!



As you have probably figured out by now, we're down from five to three. Does this mean Ex Libris is gone forever? In a word, no. However, as there is currently no way for us to give people the show they expect and deserve, we have decided (with a very, very heavy heart!) to cancel our appearance at the Valkyrian Festival. We cannot stress enough how incredibly difficult this decision has been for us! But the current situation simply leaves us with no other option.

We strive to bring you more news about the future of the band before the end of the year.

Ex Libris


We're very pleased to announce two more UK shows. On July 27 and July 28 we'll be supporting Imperia at The Robin 2 in Bilston and The Underworld in London, respectively. Awesome!


More and more reviews for Medea are pouring in. For our Dutch readers, be sure to check out the reviews from the guys 'n gals at Progwereld, Rockportaal and Metalkrant!

Lords of Metal has a review up as well.


Great news on the live front: Ex Libris will headline the final day of the Valkyrian Festival in Bridlington on the 23rd of November! Be sure to check out the festival's facebook page for more information!


The good news keeps on coming everyone! We are very happy to announce we have joined forces with Moonlight Productions. Among their roster are great bands like Circus Maximus, Vision Divine & Secret Sphere.

We are looking forward to the collaboration with this enthusiastic and hard working team!

By the way, our new album Medea is available here!

18.01.2014 - NEW ALBUM "MEDEA" OUT NOW!

Good news everyone! MEDEA is finally available! Wanna hear from other people that the album is worth it? Well lucky you, there are already some reviews out there! Medea scored an incredible 10/10 at myglobalmind.com!

Click HERE to order your copy now!

While you're waiting for your package to be delivered, be sure to check out some of the photos that were taken at the Medea release party!


We're almost there! On January 18 we will release our second full-length album, Medea. To celebrate, we will play the entire album for you guys in the beautiful W2 in Den Bosch. Our metal brothers of Effloresce will support us. It's going to be a night to remember! Will we see you there?

For more information, be sure to check the FACEBOOK EVENT.


It is our great honour to announce that our very own Dianne van Giersbergen will be joining our metal brothers of Xandria, where she will replace Manuela Kraller as their lead singer! This is a big step in her career and and she has our full support to go on this incredible journey.

Dianne joining Xandria will however not mean that she will part ways with us! As a founding member and unmistakeable voice of Ex Libris she is fully dedicated to continue being our front woman.The release of Medea is likewise not affected by this news. We are ever more excited about recording and releasing this album and asure you that Dianne, in her role as 'Medea', will keep haunting the stage together with us!

Dianne's statement:

Dear friends, fans and followers,

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that I have reached another milestone in my music career! I am very proud to tell you that as of today I will be the new front woman to German symphonic metal band: Xandria!

You may already know Xandria from their impressive discography including ‘Ravenheart’ and ‘Neverworld’s End’, or from their tours with Kamelot and Epica. The future will for sure bring more adventures to this amazing band and I am thrilled to be joining them.

My new role as front woman to Xandria will definitely not mean that I will part ways with Ex Libris. On the contrary! Both bands will represent different aspects of me as a singer and complete me as a front woman, soprano and vocal coach.

Thinking of all the beautiful things I am yet to do, people I am yet to meet and memories that are yet to be made brings a smile to my face! I am looking forward to this adventure and would love to take you all along with me.

With love,